Nius - RSS and Telegram reader

Nius are platform that allows you to create a news feeds based on your choice.

One of the important feature is 'Channels groups' it is allows you to create a group of sources (channels). With channels group it is easier to read multiple source in one feed list, so you could remove channels from your mobile phone (it could be a real mess of dozens channels) also it saves your mobile battery a lot!

Here is some examples of channels groups
NewsThe Washington Post, BBC News, Political News & Polls
news screenshot
FunnyGIF Channel, Best GIFS, Funny Pictures
funny screenshot

At this time only Telegram public channels and RSS/Atom are supported and Nius can be used as Telegram reader with media support. Next are Twitter, Youtube, VK and more!

You can Browse NIUS for existing channels

So, login or create new account, browse and add new channels then create a channels group, add channels to it and enjoy your grouped news feed!